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One Text Message Mistake That Pushes Guys Away

Many relationships started with text messaging in some form or another. We live in a technology era where text messages are one of the most common ways for partners to communicate.

As a result, most relationships are progressing favorably since text messaging allows partners who are timid to express themselves one on one to do so effortlessly.

There are certain text messaging faults that push guys away in all of these situations, and this has been wrecking a lot of lovely relationships. And a bigger percentage of women are inadvertently doing these blunders on a daily basis. And, in order to save time, I'll reveal the one major text messaging blunder made by these women.

When a woman wants to captivate her man's attention so that he falls completely in love with her and imprints herself on him unconsciously, she must do things that make him question what could possibly make him leave her for another woman.

So, the most common message blunder that women make is texting a guy something like this: Hey Eric, where were you and who were you with last night that you couldn't get all of my five calls and three messages?

When you send your guy a message like this, it indicates two things. The first suggestion is that you don't trust him because you inquired for his location in case he was with another lady, resulting in his inability to answer your phone calls or respond to your texts. Because of the way you questioned him in your text message, the second implies you don't respect him.

One thing every woman should know is that males are wired to chase women, and women should take advantage of this reality by not doing the opposite. When you phone a person repeatedly within a few minutes, or send him text messages, he begins to believe the opposite. Worst of all, if he notices that you mistrust him, it will push him away from you.

Because most guys are aware that they are not responsible for the happiness of others, and they are equally unaware of their own. So, if you try to make it seem like your pleasure is contingent on his responses to your text messages and phone calls, he will unexpectedly leave and never return.

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