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"It ended in tears" See what a guy told his girlfriend in leaked WhatsApp conversation

"It came to a bad end" Peep how the guy informed his lady love what he thinks in a leaked WhatsApp exchange

A WhatsApp chat was posted online between a man and his babe, and Facebook has sparked reactions.

In his own honest opinion, it is a fact that the guy made a significant blunder after a three-year relationship, to put it bluntly.

I just read something about how hard it is to hear love come from someone who you believe is close to you. Though his affections, integrity, and assistance are far and few between, he's my exception to the rule.

Only those who love you will tell you this is the hardest true truth. I hope they end up together. She needs to manage her emotions.

You can tell how emotional the guy is by looking at how upset he becomes at the TV program because that was the only way the lady could pick her lover, which implies something must be wrong.

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I was grateful to this man for opening up about his feelings. I'm not saying that all men won't share personal feelings with each other, but I did respect this man for the courage it took to admit to feelings that some would keep private.

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