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Ladies, Don’t Do These 10 Things If You Want Your Man To Respect You

We all want respect, love, connection, and support from others throughout our life as humans. With others, we want to be respected and valued so much that we will go above and beyond to ensure we are seen and heard. When it comes to a man-woman relationship, a woman who doesn't feel loved or cherished will never be content.

Many women are unaware of the fact that a man's regard for your person is entirely dependent on how well you show yourself. The things you do may seem right to you, but your man may lose respect for you if he sees you doing them while you're away. In many cases, the respect you expect from your partner simply does not materialize. As a woman, you are left wondering why this is the case. You may be losing some respect from your man if you do any of the following things.

1. Do not appear desperate: This is a common blunder made by women, both consciously and unconsciously. You overdo things that are generally against your beliefs and home training because you believe it's all out of love and sacrifice, but it's really just a show of desperation. Believe me when I say that men can tell when a woman is acting desperate, and they tend to be turned off by it.

Men despise women who are completely reliant on them for all of their wants and needs. Women who act like cry babies and go to their man for everything are despised. When you don't stand up for yourself, you're only hurting your relationship with the man. Regardless of how small the task may be, do it if it helps you meet some of your immediate and personal demands.

You heard me right - it is okay to dress sexy for your partner as long as you are decent while doing so. A popular saying goes something like, "Decency is the new Sexy." If you want to be sexy for your man, don't dress like a prostitute. You will be addressed as such if you wear that kind of apparel.

Don't make rash statements: Sprinkle some salt on your remarks before you speak. When you want to say something, try to use wisdom whenever you can. Make it clear to him that you are a wise thinker who is also good at speaking and listening, and that he can turn to you for help at any time.

Be flexible and adaptable, not rigid and controlling. Let's not kid ourselves, should we? We're not dealing with a child here; this is a grown guy. Give him your thoughts or recommendations, and then step back and let him decide for himself. Likewise, avoid being a stickler who refuses to budge on anything she has decided. Be receptive to what he has to teach you and flexible in your ideas.

This is a common blunder made by women that has led to the end of many successful partnerships. You should never dare a man because you will be held responsible for your actions, no matter what they are. Believe me when I say that you may find yourself on the losing end of things.

Seven. Don't Pretend - yes, this is crucial. Just be yourself; there's no need to pretend. Let him know what you enjoy and dislike. Make him understand that you are a living, breathing person who suffers from the same emotions as him.

Don't be overly clingy: Men enjoy space, so give it to them. Don't interfere with his social activities, such as going out with his buddies or having a boys' night out. Allow him the time and space to pursue his interests while you continue to pursue yours. This will only serve to strengthen your bond.

8. Don't be unsupportive: Let him know that you are there for him in good times and bad. Pay attention to how he tries to make you feel loved and joyful. Remind him that you have faith in his abilities and judgment.

Last but not least, don't have a poor self-esteem. Don't let that stop you. Confidence comes from loving and accepting one's body for what it is. Always keep in mind that your demeanor will dictate whether or not others regard you favorably. Do not allow yourself to be body shamed because of your appearance or disability. You're stunning in your own right, and you're equally wonderful in every other way.

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