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The Shame | The V Class Guy Who Kicked The Girl Out Of The Car Just Got humiliated

Embarrass guy, he thought he will last with his recognition of dragging down the image of the women he kicked them off to his car, and he took the video and post it on Social media. That's how black people do when they are successful. They turn to make jokes with those who are less privileged than them.

No matter what the fight might be but taking such to the social media and turn to think that you'll be trending in a good way, it didn't happen as he thought Instead he got humiliated by his ridiculous act.

Well hopefully he got his lessons Mr "Fckr" guy, that is the name he called himself with after an Incidence. The differences can't make you feel as if you are bigger than others. May those who felt annoyed pass on that one. Life will teach whomever think he/she is so high and turn to look gown on others.


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