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Types Of Men That Women Are Afraid Of Losing Them

Many women fear losing certain types of men, while men fear losing certain types of women. Some males are so dreadful of losing that ladies will do anything to keep them close.

1.A man who holds high regard for her.

A man who pays attention to what she has to say and then acts on it right away.

whom she may converse with without being rudely interrupted or commented on.

Man who adores his lady, therefore, the one who is loyal to her.

Who does not engage in sexual intercourse with other women.

3.A guy who surprises her with gifts on key occasions, such as her birthday.

A guy who shows up to her parties and surprises her with gifts.

4.The one who takes the time to talk to her.

Who spends time with her and speculates on the future. Who spends time with her.

6.The person who has complete faith in her and does not harbor any suspicions about her.

It's impossible to miss her as she walks up and down the street.

Who is willing to assist her in a timely manner in the event of a challenging situation? 7.

The kind of man who'll be there for her if she ever needs him.

8.A man who is constantly able to make her smile.

A guy who can make her laugh and grin with his hilarious stories and jokes.

Who is it that always makes Het happy?

She wants a man who will treat her like he would treat his own wife.

A man who is ready and willing to provide her fundamental requirements.

One who does not hold her to a standard of comparison with other women

Unconditional acceptance from a man.

He doesn't make comparisons between her and other women.

11.A man who has a good sense of humor and is understanding.

Women adore a man who is patient and forgiving toward them.

If she makes an error that is really egregious, he will take the time to sit down with her and work through the problem rather than punishing her.

12.A male who assists her with household chores.

Someone who helps her with household chores such as dusting and vacuuming.

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