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Single parent dating tips.

So you've gotten over your failed marriage, have your life settled, have beautiful kids, a good steady job but still feel like you're missing something in life? In short, do you feel lonely? So you, my friend, need a date. Here are some things to follow to get back in the dating chair.

1. ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE COMPLETELY ON HIM / HER? Make sure you are completely over your ex before you start thinking about dating again. Rebound relationships come with a lot of drama and are extra baggage that you don't need or want.

2. LEAVE THE FEAR OF NOT BEING ABLE TO MEET POTENTIAL PARTNERS. Fear is natural, now that you frequently visit supermarkets and parks with your child instead of nightclubs, bars and cinemas where the chances of meeting someone new are greater.

But do not worry ! Museums, parks, bookstores and other kid-friendly places are also great places to meet potential partners. Single parent clubs and groups should definitely not be excluded as they are great places to meet eligible, single and like-minded people.

3. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE OLDER FOR THIS DAY? To be honest, no one is too old for a date! Everyone deserves a little love in their life! There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't feel confident about posting your big breakup.

Let go of your past, be confident and enter the arena with your head held high. Nothing is sexier than a good dose of confidence.

4. EXTRA POUNDS TO REMOVE .Getting back into the dating game is not easy. Aside from the emotional turmoil, there is always the fear of being away from your A Game, physically. For some, their post-baby weight, for others, they just got carried away.

Just get out there, wear your most stylish clothes, and wear your charming personality - that should do the trick. In case you're still not convinced, a wardrobe change is a quick fix and a structured training program a longer-term solution.

5. IS YOUR SCHEDULE PACKED? You are probably juggling several things and the time to date and finding the man / woman of your dreams seems almost impossible.

Rather, it's about prioritizing and finding the small windows of opportunity to start. A great way is to access online dating sites or the multiple dating apps available in the market. Once that is out of the way and you have plenty of options, schedule dates in your spare time or on the weekends.

6. SHOULD I DATE WITH A PARENT OR A NON-PARENT? You may want to date another single parent obviously as there will be a lot to bond over and it is easier as you both have a common starting point.

However, this does not mean that you have to close all doors to women / men who are not fathers. If he / she seems understanding and mature enough, there is nothing to stop you from doing it!

7. TO PRESENT OR NOT TO PRESENT? Introducing your child to your partner is something to think about as well. If you are unsure of the longevity of your relationship, avoid introducing your children.

Children tend to get attached early and in case things go wrong they will add complications that you don't need. Also, once you have established a stable relationship with your new partner, introduce your ex to your new partner.

This can be a bit uncomfortable, but you need to balance the tension so that children don't feel the tension when everyone is together. In general, we know that dating someone once you get out of a relationship is difficult, but you must ask yourself if the possibility of finding love again is more difficult or if you are alone.

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