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A Boyfriend Without A Car Is A Non-living Thing-Lady says

Since the invention of social media, a lady has arguably made the worst statement about guys without a car.


Any guy in a relationship with a woman who doesn't have a car, according to the lady on her page, is a non-living thing.

According to her, a car, a decent job, and a prosperous existence are the only things that constitute a guy a living being.

Men are non-living things if they don't have the aforementioned characteristics.

Meanwhile, her remark drew a lot of response from offended netizens.

Take a look at her post below;

In today's world, no woman wants to date a broke guy, which is completely incorrect; a man who is broke today may be wealthy tomorrow; therefore, females should try to stay with their man regardless of his financial situation.

Any woman who stays with a man till he becomes wealthy will always be praised by him; let me know what you think of this lady's comment.


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