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'She Hides Her Feelings Until A Guy Made His Decisions' |

It was too late for her to make reconciliation though they didn't fell in love she had feelings for a guy she resisted expressing how she felt about a guy. The guy he's alleged gave himself time hoping that she will come back to him but she hasn't instead she gave him an attitude.

Later a guy moved on and got a woman, a beautiful woman full of respect and submissive. He loved a woman and he posted her on WhatsApp on his status. When she opens the status, she failed to shut her mouth. She asked "Is she your friend" the answer was a No but he said she's his girlfriend ( Lover).

The conversation went on and the guy crushed the truth into pieces by saying yes they're in a relationship. She showed through the conversation that she's hurt but it was too late. Hopefully, the guy will be happy with his new relationship and the woman will regret why she didn't give him chance in the first place.

Don't wait for regret, if you feel something for someone you better say it early. Some people fail to berg.

Source: Whatsapp

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