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Meet The Couple Who Broke Guinness World Records With Their Height Difference

It's safe to say that James and Chloe Lusted, better known as James and Chloe, have demonstrated to the world that love is unconditional. They just broke the world record for the largest height disparity between a married couple. Their height differences are due to the fact that James is 3'7" while his wife Chloe is just 5'5.4".

When it comes to dwarfism, James Lusted has Diastrophic Dysplasia, which is an uncommon kind of dwarfism. Affected areas of the body include the bones and cartilage. It's not your typical form of dwarfism, where people with various body parts have muscles.

In 2016, James and Chloe tied the knot and have been together ever since. Because she's always dated taller men, Chloe says she never anticipated she'd end up married to one. In 2012, when she met James for the first time, she had to let go of her old belief. Being that they were of a different height, she was afraid of what people would think.

After only seven months of dating, despite the conflicting opinions of many people, James proposed to his stunning Wife. Even on the day of their wedding, James had to bring his own ladder so he and his wife would be the same height.

James and Chloe had their first child together in 2013, nearly three years after their wedding. While working as a TV host and providing for his family, James is doing just well. Aside from being an excellent husband, James is an even better father to his child.

The fact that James is little does not limit his abilities; he can accomplish whatever that a normal person can do. The boy had already determined that dwarfism was not a handicap, and so he didn't let it hold him back from leading an ordinary life with his little frame.

Many people have learned from Chloe and James' Relationship that you should never judge a book by its cover.. They should believe that everyone has a particular someone, and being married to someone you think you'll marry isn't a guarantee.

They look like a huge happy family in their photos, and they don't seem to care how big or small someone is; what counts is how nice they are as a person. As opposed to dwelling on your flaws, try to see the silver lining in other people's struggles and be motivated by their positive outlook.

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