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"Prior My Break up With An Abusive Ex I Reconnected With An Old Crush From High School

I'm a 25 year old mom of two who just got of an abusive relationship with my ex fiance a few months ago. Prior to my break up with abusive ex I reconnected with an old crush from high school and we started an online relationship. 

Last month after several failed meet ups (mostly due to long distance and these lockdown resctrictions) I called it quits and started dating someone else.

Now ex and I finally met and did the deed. And we have recently been reconnecting and realized we still have feelings for each other and still love each other. Now I'm a little conflicted coz we are both in relationships with other people. Please help a girl out.

That several failed meet ups was a clear sign that what you both feel for each other ain't real,you made the right choice by ending it,you found a new boyfriend why would you see the need to get back with your ex,you just choose to confuse yourself by allowing lust to play tricks on you.

It didnt work out because of distance...what makes you think it will work out now?focus on your man and leave ex with his woman...its not love what you guys have...its lust

Its harder to advice or convince a woman in love.what exactly do you want us to say?clearly you are going back to your abusive relationship under the pretext of "we still connect,we still love each other and we seem to be having a stronger bond". You have just added to statistics of abused women who keep going back to their ex in the name of " love".And again you are already confused and stop confusing others as well,your thing of coming in and out of relationships with different people is not going to do you any good .

Going back to an ex is like reading the same book over and over again. You know how the story ends. You were supposed to take a break from dating and find yourself first before you can move on because now you are just confusing yourself. You're reconnecting with crushes, you're reconnecting with ex's, now you're in a relationship with someone else. According to me, you always want to see yourself in a relationship. You don't want to give yourself time. There's a reason why you broke up with this person so going back to him would just mean you wasted your time breaking up with him and he's still going to take advantage of that. The feelings that you have for him are not going to save you from the abuse, but its your choice.

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