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OPINION - Spiritual person faces the following challenges

Relationships vs ancestors

People my point to is u may have the right partner but your ancestors and the universe may not approve.Our ancestors are able to turn our love lives.

friendships upside down should they not be happy. You may have a good relationship and it may have lasted a bit long.but there would be an empty space that would need to filled.

We all have our spiritual guides that watch over us, ancestors may negatively affect your friendships and romantic relationships due to the following

-If you have not accepted your ancestral calling.

-If you have ancestral spirits.

-If your ancestors gave you a job or marriage and you dont thank them .please do the thanks giving💁

-If your ancestors need to be set free/cleansing ceremony must be done.

-If you had miscarriage /abortion 

 -And sometimes your ancestors are just protecting you from further damage.sometimes they do not want you attach yourself in other people as you are already attached to them/their spirits .

Signs and Symptoms whistle spirits

-Women usually feel like there’s something moving in the womb. 

-Disliking your partner for no reason or feeling irritated by them.

-Bad smells 

-Being betrayed by friends 

-Disliking all men 

-Relationships that do not last 

-Beating up your partner or saying really horrible things to them

-Being a control freak in all relationships 

-Feeling like you are possessed 

-Being addicted to sex or high sex drive. Sometimes lack of libido

-Being very sensitive in a relationship 

-Bad luck in rationships

-Appealing less attractive to men/women

-Cheating on your partner 


Jolang nna keyanwa/ngiyabuza 😂😂 v

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