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Ways To Make Your Ex Miss You and Regret Giving You Red Card

You need to find a way to invite positivity, love, and light into your life. Don't let them see you unhappy and you have to do things that make you happy. It is very important if you want her to miss you. 


 You may be feeling sad or in pain, but you should never show it in front of your ex. It will make them very happy that you cannot function without them. Act normally and let her know that your life is going on and that you are fine. 

 Dealing with Another Person 

 Give the impression that other women are very interested in you. Let him see you approach another person as he creates an illusion in his head and has to wonder if he made the right decision. 

 Have your mutual friends post pictures of you on social media 

 As long as you're mutual friends, they'll see your posts. You shouldn't be the one posting her because she will feel like you're trying to impress her. 


Meeting Someone Better 

 There's nothing more painful than that. You have to go out with someone she thinks is better than her because it's like you've opted for an improved version of her. It might even make them jealous.

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