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" I want to wake up next to a 10, not a personality. I want a pretty girl."- Man angers twitter

Sometimes people will rate you according to your looks and appearance. @msomi_mawa is being dragged for saying he prefers outer beauty than inner beauty. He says he wants to wake up next to a beautiful woman. He wants everyone to praise his girl.

"When I get in a relationship and she is not pretty enough and my friends are not praising me, then I’m breaking up with her. Approval matters. I don't care if her soul and intentions are genuine. If you date for personality that’s cool, but I’m talking about my preferences. I don’t want to wake up next to personality I want to wake up next to a 10." He said.

" You need help. Imagine dumping my girl because my friends don't approve of her?. You are wrong." Said @SouljaRave.

"It sounds like you need your friends's approval to be with a female." Said @Woodly.


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