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"Men Are Evil ", See What This Woman Found On Her Husband's Phone.


Many experts advise against sharing bank accounts or having separate funds, even if the parties involved are married couples, but some couples do it out of love. The vast majority of the time, everything goes according to plan, but mishaps sometimes occur. This is what happened, according to a woman who was looking through her husband's phone and was startled.

He checked his phone and saw it had her ATM card details after he followed the advice she found online. Not only did her husband know about the situation, but he also went to the bank and took out money without her knowledge. This woman's life may have been turned upside down by a horrible occurrence.

Before it's too late, let your voice be heard! Whether his activities constitute larceny (crime) and, therefore, call for his arrest, is still up for debate. If a couple is made of one flesh, why can't the husband take a cut of the money? Should a married couple's financial assets and duties be split equally between them? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Men Are Evil


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