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27-year-old man has proven that age is nothing but a number, allegedly married to a 74 year old

A man in his twenties has demonstrated that age is nothing more than a number by accomplishing something incredible. 

Devaughn Aubrey fell head over heels in love with the woman who would become the love of her life, Kathi Jenkins, after meeting her on an adult hook-up website. The two have been inseparable ever since they first laid eyes on each other. Devaughn, who recently popped the question, said, "She makes me feel cherished." Devaughn's statement comes after he recently popped the question. 

There are ever more articles written regarding this subject. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of articles claiming that "love is blind." It's possible that this is happening as a result of the current state of the economy. Either a young woman is getting married to an old man who is old enough to become her grandfather, or a young man is getting married to an old woman who is old enough to become his grandmother. In either case, the young person will become the granddaughter or grandson of the older generation. 

Even if we may make negative comments or criticisms about this, it is possible that it is one of the ways that young people are attempting to escape the challenging economic conditions that they are currently facing. Everyone employs a different plan in their operation. They have no choice but to take whatever measures are necessary, regardless of how moral or immoral those measures may be, in order to lift themselves out of poverty; hence, "congratulations!


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