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“Am 25 Years old, HIV positive And I am Looking For a Boyfriend” A Beautiful Lady Tweeted

In the past, the word HIV was once considered taboo. Thanks to WHO, which has created awareness and learning in society, Hiv can now be managed and diagnosed.

 People with HIV now live their normal lives even though they have the virus in them. The good news is that they are no longer isolated. They even found a partner to marry them and have children together.

 A 25-year-old girl named Azola took to her twitter account tonight to announce that she was HIV positive and alone, at the same time, out on the street looking for a young man to fall in love with him and will definitely marry him.

 The beautiful woman shows courage by not lowering herself or allowing anything to hinder her search for true love and happiness. That’s why I call singles. Anyone interested in not playing and making this beautiful girl their wife should keep shooting their shot. He said his DM was open. Good luck to you guys.

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