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Lady becomes angry and demand back all the things she bought for her boyfriend.

Love is blind😒. The guy leaves the lady after their long journey of love♥️ and date a girl who owns a car. And the lady finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, therefore she is demanding back all things she have bought for the guy including ring, iphone and clothes.

The lady is really angry and devastated because it seems she was fully taking care of this guy, buying him clothes as well. She is now insulting the guy in public, on social media to let everyone see how devastated she is. The lady was giving him allowance every month, so that the guy could buy anything for himself. The lady introduced many things to this guy to make him happy but only to find out that the guy is cheating.

The guy now blocked her, meaning she is unable to reach the guy since she is demanding her things back. She is even alerting people on social media to help her reach this guy, whenever they see him.

It was said that guy was spending the girl's money on Pubs, buying girls gift and etc. He was pretending to love her and now the lady is aware.

The lady said this guy is now more handsome because of her money. She was paying bills for him, spoiling him and now it ended in tears.This is awful.

Source: facebook.

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