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"After my husband left Nigeria for 3 years without me, see what he did this year" - Lady discloses

Amgreat Amrich Ugochukwu, who goes by the name Amgreat Amrich Ugochukwu on Facebook, took to the community to tell the members what her husband did after he left her alone in Nigeria for three years. 

"Marriage isn't a bed of roses," as the saying goes, is a true and realistic axiom that most people (especially bachelors and spinsters) cannot relate to before they marry. 

Marriage is like a two-sided coin: it can be painful at times and pleasurable at others. It can also bring on sorrow and joy, tears and laughter.DISTANCE is a common factor that threatens the success of any relationship (whether dating, courtship, or marriage). 

Owing to the existence of humans, distance is often an obstacle to the smooth functioning of any relationship. 

Since humans are social and emotional creatures, they need the physical presence of the person to whom they are passionately attracted. 

The absence of physical presence may cause a significant emotional void in the hearts of those involved. 

Physical or geographical - distance, among other things - may place married people in a tight spot. 

The desire to fill the emotional void left by the absence of one's spouse is still present.

When physical distance is maintained for an extended period of time, it almost always leads to infidelity. 

Married couples who are separated from their partners for an extended period of time are more likely to engage in extramarital affairs with a personal friend of the opposite gender. 

Consider the possibility of your husband or wife being separated from you for three years. 

It is unlikely that many people would be able to survive it. 

Her husband, according to the lady in question, had to travel out of the country, leaving her alone. 

She joyfully announced that her husband had returned to Nigeria.

"Finally, after 3 years of being alone, hubby has returned to Nigeria." 

Some of the group members congratulated her when responding to the message, sharing in her joy. 

Others joked that a lot will happen tonight between them to make up for the years they've been apart. 

In all honesty, would you go three years without seeing your lover and not cheat on them? 

What would you do if you find yourself in that situation?

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Amgreat Amrich Ugochukwu Nigeria


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