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My Worst Date Ever

I remember back in 2011 after I finished high school, I asked this girl I had a crush on out on a date, she agreed to meet up with me and then I quickly rented a movie at a nearby DVD outlet, bought a ready made pizza that only needed an oven.

Luckily on that day there was no one at home, so I asked her to come over, in that time I had placed that ready made pizza in the oven while we were watching a movie at the same time, moments later the oven beeped as a sign that the pizza is ready, she looked at me with a glazing expectation, and then in my head as foolish as I was, I wanted to impress my potential and then I went to the oven, I opened it up, with my bare hands I handled an extremely hot pizza.

She was stunned as she looked at me with shock, oh, I couldn't take it anymore as I screamed so loud as I was in so much pain as the pizza was so hot, I dropped it, she then laughed so hard and called me an idiot, that was the last time we had a date as she didn't want to see me any more.

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