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A shy guy will exhibit these signs if he has a crush on you

When a shy guy exhibits or displays the following behaviours towards a girl she has or loves, she knows he is nervous or nervous. Some instances of warning indications are as follows:

1. The guy will only glance at you when you aren't looking at him, and if you catch him looking at you, he will never look at you again.

2. Due to his aware state, his walking manner will alter when you spot him or come close enough for him to be seen.

3. Whenever you glance at him, he will constantly be gazing at something or someone to your right or left, even if there is nothing there. This is true even if he is aware that you are gazing at him with a critical eye. 4. He will not look you in the eyes with his eyelids closed (while you are still looking at him) In the event of a natural disaster or a random stabbing, his pals may throw you an imploring look, which you would only discover long after; he would prefer to express himself through friends rather than directly seek you.

4. Please be assured that his friends (and, in some circumstances, the entire school) will be aware of his genuine sentiments in such situations. and the only thing you could do was make educated guesses

Despite the fact that he maintains eye contact with all of the other girls, he will avoid keeping eye contact with you.

5. When a timid kid is chatting to his crush, he is always nervous, which causes him to stutter or act in a stupid manner.

6. Once the man finds that his crush is in peril, he will aid her in any and all ways that he is able, but he will keep this information hidden from everyone, including his crush. perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind

7. The shy guy will never, ever look at you or think about you in an unpleasant way. He will always hold you in greater esteem than you deserve, despite his lack of confidence in expressing himself.

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