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If You Can't Control Yourself, Don't Open This Post: See Pictures That Will Brighten Your Day.

It's fine if you prefer to stay alone in the funny house after everyone else has gone to funny church; however, the door to the funny kitchen will unexpectedly open by itself one day, and you will run to funny church clothed in a singlet and a little dress.

If you're an internet friend, I'll be ecstatic if I come upon a picture of you that you've posted online. This is because I know who you are in real life, and you may cry if I do not respond to the photo with affection. Don't think it's because of your attractiveness.


They are unable to comment on an internet post; all they know how to do is read the comments. If you're reading this article, and you're one of those people that reads comments on posts, raise your hands, then lower them and go to the comment box and tell me how happy this writing made you.

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