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Four (4) Stages Of A Relationship


They can either make or break you. Hence it's imperative to always look for redflags and walk away once it becomes toxic.

Here are four (4) Stages of a relationship.

Stage one (1).

"The Honeymoon Stage".

Relationships always start on a high note. Butterflies in your tummy, smiles all day everyday. At first, the phone calls become longer, the texts start from the morning and end at midnight or the following morning.

The communication is amazing. You notify your partner whenever you are going somewhere. The conversation flows and the two of you never run out of things to talk about.

The bedroom affair is amazing, the best.

Stage Two (2).

The honeymoon stage is now over. True colors start appearing.

The "Being Comfortable Stage"

You start losing interest in everything that used to excite you in your partner. The texts become shorter, the phone calls stay at a minimum or no phone calls at all.

You come up with every excuse in the book for not communicating with your partner. The two of you fight alot, misunderstanding. Rough patches shake the relationship almost into extinction.

Cheating might appear because most people use cheating as an excuse to forget their problems.

Stage three (3).

" I Don't Care Anymore Stage".

The Tender Loving Care decreases. There are less or no action to show affection or love. Both parties want to show love but nobody becomes brave enough to do it.

The two of you are exhausted from endless fights, misunderstandings and cheating. Pride is at its peak and the one who care too much will type a long message then delete it.

" I don't want to appear desperate".

This is one of the saddest stage in a relationship because in most cases both parties are not ready to let go, but they are tired of the endless fights.

They miss what used to be.

Stage four (4).

"The Titanic Stage".

The ship is sinking.

There's no hope left for the relationship. Pride and ego has completely kidnapped you. You won't try try to fix things. " You can't fix a broken glass, it will always have cracks. It's best to throw it away".

What was once a beautiful love story has turned into a nightmare.

In this stage, it might happen that one is already out of the door and looking for someone new.

This stage is painful and some peoe don't recover from this stage. Losing the one you love wholeheartedly.

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