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Husband and wife relationship

Inspiring moments: A wife praises her husband for turning his life around for the better.

Nothing beats a loyal woman who stands by her man's side especially during the worst moments of life. What l know is that marriage is a partnership of equals. We help each other. We comfort each other. We support each other. We love each other. We respect each other. 

That's exactly what has been seen in this lady by her followers after she posted this.👇🏾

The lady by the name Zanele inspired many by her post after she narrated her heartbreaking story of her husband who was addicted to drugs. She was overwhelmed at the fact her husband had beat his internal demons and was free from addiction for five years.

What l know is that a person in a state of drug intoxication ceases to experience mental and physical pain. Instead, there is a feeling of lightness and comfort. However, this feeling leads to a loss of control and reality.

The victim of drug addiction is forced to increase the dose. Subsequently, this is not enough, and the next step is the transition to a more potent narcotic substance. Thus, gradually, a person becomes addicted to strong drugs, getting rid of which is almost impossible.

For Zanele's to beat the habit and remain clean for fives years it's absolutely outstanding and inspiring, it really took a lot of discipline and will power.

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