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We Dated For 11 Years Did Several Abortions For Him And Now He Went To Marry Another, Lady Cries


Some events in society are hilarious, while others are heartbreaking. There will be love and heartbreak, so be prepared for both and know how to deal with both.

On a daily basis, you may discover that you have loved someone for a long time but that they do not love you back or that they have left you for someone else. It's just part of life, and things do happen. The only thing you need to do is be prepared for anything and know how to handle love problems.

In a video that has gone viral on social media sites, one young lady has told her heartbreak story.

She confessed that her 11-year-old lover had abandoned her and married another woman.

She shared the entire incident on social media, and the lady also revealed that she had many abortions during the relationship. However, when he called to tell her of his marriage to someone else, he did not regard her as wife material.

The lady was crying uncontrollably as she expressed her sentiments about how she had committed herself to the man and how she now felt that all of her efforts had been wasted. She devoted herself to the man and loved him dearly, but he chose to marry another woman over her.

This is a tragic tragedy that may happen to anyone. How can you, as nice people, advise such a person to forget about it and live her own life happily?

Thank you, and please stay tuned for additional information.

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Lady Cries


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