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Apart From God, Who Should Come First In A Christian? A Spouse Or Children?

Apart from God, who should come first in a Christian marriage? A spouse or children?

My children and him are equal in my eyes just a different kind of love! However as we both agree our kids come before either of us! He would never want me choosing him over our kids and I’d never want him choosing me over them!

Spouse my job is to love and cherish my marriage so that my kids know the foundation of marriage and do the same to their husband's,as for my spouse him seeing me loving and protecting our kids love and respect comes naturally,a way to a happy marriage.

Spouse. Because children will live their lives elsewhere while you and spouse remain together as one flesh. This is the order of a well-organized family that knows and fears God

God designed marriage. It makes children secure when they see their parents loving each other. You do your children a disservice when you put them before your spouse. You are there to teach them so that they can go forward and have a healthy happy marriage. In the same way, a spouse should come before a parent. 

They all come 1st. I have said so because they are all loved differently with the different love,The love you give to your children is a parental love yet the love of your spouse is romantic (affectional) which shows us that they aren't in the same group to say who comes 1st. They all come 1st from different areas of love.

It’s a funny question because if you actually have children you know that realistically at a certain age most of the children’s needs HAVE to come first as they are dependent on you to sustain their lives! The question is what you mean by who comes first? Whose ‘needs’ come first? Do you mean who gets their meal first? Who gets your attention first? Who gets to choose the first song in family worship? It’s honestly a interesting question but we need to be realistic here and not just answer with our ‘spiritual’ heads.

I think at some times it’s your spouse and at other times it’s your children but mostly it’s your children if they are young. But it would be unwise to arbitrarily decide that in ALL situations it will be one because in doing so you could be harming or neglecting the other. That doesn’t mean that you don’t make every effort to ensure the needs of the other are still a priority too.

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