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Remember the guy who look like a monkey he had a makeover but people do not approve see comments

Sometimes being too honest can drive someone over the edge, yes they say sometimes it helps to be honest but not too honest because not everything requires your honesty more especially when it come to people's looks, a little bit of a lie can save a soul. But I've noticed one thing about people on social media that they don't care about other people's feelings but they say what they feel or what you ask them they answer honestly so without any fear.

When it comes to looks it's hard for people to change how they look, and this has killed a lot of people's self-esteem. And some people don't understand that sometimes what you say can make it worse or better.

There was a guy who once trended on social media after people mocked him and laughed at him saying he looks like a monkey. Recently pictures of him after a makeover were shared on social media, truly speaking he looked much better. But after his pictures were shared people had a lot to say about his new look. Below are some of the comments shared on social media following his makeover.

When it comes to people's comments no one can control what people say, as people feel that they are entitled to their own opinions and I don't dispute that. But by the look of things, it looks like they don't consider this guy's feelings. He didn't ask to look like that, the least people can do is to be kind with their words when it comes to this kind of situation.

At least some people still care about him going the extra mile to try and make him look good and have confidence because it's not easy to be a monkey no one wants to look like a monkey.

People on social media should learn to use their words, they are breaking people with their words and comments. Let's try to be nice to people no one deserves this kind of treatment on a serious note.

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