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How to Manifest a Loving Relationship

1. Identify the qualities you would like in your partner.

2. Identify the qualities you would like in a relationship.

3. Take inventory of your own qualities, habits, hobbies, and how spend your time. They should align with that of your desired relationship and partner. For example, if you want to have an adventurous, spontaneous relationship, but you would not characterize yourself as a "adventurous" or "spontaneous" person - it is time to make some changes.

4. BECOME YOUR OWN SOULMATE!!! When you get all the love you need from yourself, and are grateful for the love you receive in other areas of your life, you move out of the frequency of "lacking love" to "having love," which is the only frequency which one can manifest a loving relationship from!

5. Start to view your relationships as opportunities for growth, rather than the be - all - end - all. Once you shift your perspective, everything will fall into place.

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