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Ladies Don't be frustrated: how to know when it is time to leave a relationship

Take heart, ladies: here's how to determine when it's time to end a relationship.

Choosing when to end a relationship is not always easy. What is the best way to determine whether your partnership can be saved or whether it is irreparably damaged. A relationship should always be terminated if there is emotional or physical abuse. When in doubt, however, these symptoms may be more subtly shown.

1. If you find yourself pleading with him or her for a basic human decency, he or she is not the proper person for you. 2. Try not to get sucked in.

2. It's time to go when something is destroying you on the inside and you require someone to make you feel better.

3. Confirm that your partner's opinions, interests, and values align with your own before agreeing to be in a relationship. If you're not meeting any of these criteria in your relationship, it's best to examine yourself before red flags begin to appear. "

4. To feel safe in a relationship, you require trust, reciprocation, compassion, and reassurance. It is extremely difficult to maintain a relationship if any of these characteristics are lacking.

5. When he or she is unable to accommodate you, it indicates that your presence in his or her life is not of importance to him or her. Keep your distance from those that claim they don't have time or other such reasons. People who are busy find time for the things that are essential to them in their lives. It's past time to move on from this situation.

6. When your spouse treats you as if your concerns, basic queries, and attempts to discuss your relationship's difficulties are unimportant to them simply because you expressed them, you have no choice but to end the relationship.

7. No matter how hard you attempt to build trust with your relationship partner, he or she insists on not trusting you and believes that your betrayal is unavoidable.

8. No matter how hard you attempt to assuage a relationship partner's concerns of desertion, he or she will never be able to trust your intentions since they are insecure.

9. No matter how hard you attempt to convince your relationship partner that your love for him or her is genuine, your relationship companion is unable of recognizing that he or she is in reality deserving of being loved.

10. when your absence does not disturb them and your presence causes them to be frustrated

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