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Mzansi Is Not Happy With Keke In #LoveyDovey As His Planning To Do This To Lilanga


Mandisa is certain that she got Keke after they spent the night at a suit, and Keke is desperate to get away from her. Bruh, and all of a sudden you're in Lilanga.

Because of their behavior, I will never take any of these couples seriously. Get a wife on this show. You can't persuade me that Keke is there to marry; he's only there to demolish everyone, and I mean everyone. Consider getting a lady who has already slept with everyone in the house in front of everyone on national television. Nhlanhla was first, followed by Mandisa, and now Lilanga is his target. This man claims to want a wife, but his actions indicate that he is not interested in a long-term commitment.

I truly hope Lilanga doesn't pay attention to any of these guys. I think she should stay with Romeo because he appears to be a lovely guy. This residence must be abandoned by Warona and Lilanga. It's not for their own good, and none of those guys, despite their claims, are searching for a wife. I believe Warona is squandering her time here since she is looking for something genuine while the rest of the group is here to have fun. There is nothing here for her, however since she stated that she is BI, I believe she should try Lilanga.

All of the players are in attendance, and while I adore DJ Warona, she is severely lacking in material and flair. When she didn't know the answer to the Sun City question, I scrambled, but she's fine now.

Warona's demeanor is overbearing. Romeo, too, is more eloquent. Warona is everything; she is a great listener, attractive, and supportive of others.

I don't see any love connections, so how desperate are these people? Keke is a con artist, Jo is terrified of women, Pastor is a liar, Benni is on the lookout for himself, and Romeo knows exactly what he wants. Because no lady is interested in Jo, Jo wants to employ Maserame to prevent elimination. Maserame is far too mature for Jo, and marrying him would be a grave error!! Benny is a good candidate for her. Lovey Dovey had gay partners, too, Jo was sure. So it's a little difficult for him to play along, but what can he say, he needs the money as well.

My request is simple. Do you honestly believe these guys will trust each other after these games, even if they develop a genuine friendship outside of this house?

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