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Divorce Affair

Reasons Why is marriage hard

1.Sin Adultery .

It's a consensual physical relationship between people who are not married but have other partners , it's an extra marital infidelity which is considered a sin .once you start cheating you lose the "holiness" of marriage and you are creating a hard marriage for yourself because you would have tainted the Godliness of your marriage.


Having a million unresolved conflicts can lead to a build up of one huge fight . letting anger get in the way of the amazing thing you and your partner have can destroy and make marriage hard .spending every second being bitter towards your spouse can make marriage hard.

3.Comparison of marriages .

The moment you start comparing your marriage to other couples ,simply means you are removing value to your relationship ,you create unnecessary illusions of how your relationship can be better based on what other people are doing in their marriages , what works for other people may not work for you .

4.Comparing each other's efforts .

Marriage is about team work not about who does what best ,you make it hard for your spouse to do anything from the bottom of their heart because now it has turned into a competition.Be happy with your spouse's efforts .it's hard to be with someone who will always think you could have done better .

5.Not understanding the purpose .

A lot of people jump into marriages ,not knowing that the dynamics are different from a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship .It's about building a home and having a family . obviously there are more reasons why get married but people just don't think of the future .This is another reason marriage is hard .

6.Not accepting change .

People outgrow each other ,they Drift apart and they also become better people .this is one of the things that we can never stop from changing ,change is the only constant thing and if you are failing to see that then you are creating a pathway to a hard marriage .

7.Financial Issues .

Having financial instabilites is one of the things that make life hard ,even when you don't have a partner ,it's far worse when you are married because you now have responsibilities that you to take care of.Better financial issues better marriage .high financial Issues ,hard and terrible marriage .

8.Satan .

people allowing the devil to come into their marriages makes marriage hard .Satan can disguise himself as a friend , Family or anyone who is close to you. John 10:10 reads as follows, "The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy ,My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life ".This happens when you allow the devil to come between you and your spouse .the devil becomes the thief who steals all the joy .

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