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Husband and wife relationship

Signs That She Is Not Wife Material

She is dependent

Everything is dependent on you. She phones your telephone whenever she needs to buy something tiny and begs you to buy it for her. She delays and waits until you both see each other before making a major choice. When she needs to do things that she should be able to handle on her own but keeps waiting for you to come and make the decision for her, you should reconsider. There's nothing wrong with making selections jointly or assisting her in purchasing items, but everything is wrong when it occurs frequently. A wife must be self-sufficient. When her husband isn't home, she needs to be able to run the house and make key decisions. You need someone who is self-sufficient rather than someone who is reliant.

Her Dressing

When a woman gets married, she must, believe it or not, dress modestly. Now, as easy as it is to say she'll alter her closet full of revealing and semi-revealing clothing when she says she will, she needs to start doing so right now. You can only get used to something you've been doing for a while.There's a distinction to be made between a wife and a ho. If your wife dresses like a video vixen or a stripper all the time, don't expect any respect when you're out together. Besides, how are you going to explain to the kids why mommy keeps dressing like she robbed a kindergarten store and stole all their baby clothes when the kids arrive?

She is rude

I understand that no man wants to be with a woman who does not respect him. Not as a wife, not as a girlfriend. So don't bother making your woman a wife if she is unpleasant (to you and everyone else) and shows no signs of improving. If you married her, the flaws would eventually show, and you would despise yourself.

She is emotionally unstable

If she is kind today and then becomes really unpleasant and unconcerned in the next minute, then obnoxious, you should take a breather. Figure out what causes her to be flaky. If she's just that emotionally unstable, you should reconsider the relationship before moving forward. In marriage, bigger things happen. She won't be able to handle marriage if she can't handle courtship.

She lies

Partners that lie to you are the worst. There's no reason why you should be in a relationship with them, let alone marry them. If she lies, get out of there! You marry her, and it's the beginning of the end for you.

You have nothing in common at all

Think twice if you and your partner can't seem to find a common ground. You'll need things to spice up your marriage once the initial "gra gra" has faded and all you have left is a terrific relationship. This includes activities that you and your partner enjoy doing together. What happens if you despise what she despises and she despises what you despise?

She doesn't know how to manage anything

A lady who would rather buy an expensive weave than spend money on better things, or who makes poor financial judgments, or who would advise you to spend money on the most costly cars rather than prudent investments, would not make a nice wife.


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