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I Have Married 15 Wives And I Have 107 Children. I Am Happy And Content With My Large Family

In a joyful narration, David Mlugha of western Kenya describes how he has married fifteen women who have given birth to 177 children. He is comfortable and happy where he lives, which is with them.

David claims that he chose to have numerous wives because he feels that he has the same level of intelligence as Solomon in the Bible. He is a genius and a historian. His wife approved of and welcomed the second wife when he decided to wed her.

To expand his enormous family, he married the third, fourth, and so on until there were fifteen people total. He is familiar with the names and birthdates of all 107 of the children his wives have given birth to.

I recognize my kids by their names and dates of birth. said, David.

His spouses treat one another with respect and have an extraordinary amount of affection for one another. They equally split up the household chores and pamper him like a king. On his homestead, he has constructed several buildings where his wives share bedrooms.

The sixty-year-old guy claimed that he supports them by traveling to other nations, like South Sudan and Uganda, to educate people about history. He also has a farm where they grow food and cattle.

He considers himself to be the happiest guy alive and hopes to expand his family by taking on more spouses.


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