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Men, If You Want To Be Master On Bed, Blend These Items Together And Drink, You Will Thank Me Later.

Enough is enough, my boyfriend doesn't last long, "2 minutes, I'm exhausted," and before you know it, he's finished the job while babe is just getting started.

If you arrive at your location before your babe, it can be disheartening, discouraging, and even fatal to your self-esteem as a man. But, as a guy like you, I'm here to give a cure that actually works. All you have to do now is pay attention to what I'm saying.

You don't need any performance-enhancing drugs... This one I'm recommending is all-natural and will work like magic. Wisdom is a gift from God to his creatures who use it wisely.

Kunu Aya Juice is widely used in southern and northern Nigeria, but not everyone is aware of its benefits. Taking this juice every morning can help you stay longer as a male, while also increasing your honeypot's desire for more.


Get yourself some coconut, tiger nuts, and dried dates.

Every morning, thoroughly blend

Cool it down, drink it, and see your other self resurrect like an Indian horse. You'll thank me later.

This is how to prepare the juice by yourself.


2 cups tiger nuts, fresh

ten dates

a single coconut

1 ginger root of average size

2 cups of hot water


1. Wash the tiger nuts thoroughly and soak them in water for 15 to 20 hours. You can soak it before going to bed until the evening after work the next day. Soaking is done to allow the item to absorb water and soften. Because the nuts are so hard, skipping this step will put a tremendous amount of strain on the grinder.

2. Remove the seeds from the dates and wash them.

3. If you're using a grinder, crack the coconut, break it, remove the edible insides, and slice it into small cubes (the kind you go to blend with outside your home). If you want to use a conventional kitchen blender, grate the coconut using a vegetable grater to make the blender function more efficiently.

Tiger nut milkshake will be made using coconut.

4. Peel the ginger's back and cut it into small pieces.

5. Add 1 cup of warm water to the four ingredients (tiger nuts, coconuts, dates, and ginger).

6. Strain the blended mixture through a strainer with a mesh large enough to separate the shaft from the milk.

Before sieving, combine

7. Pour the rest of the water into the shaft and blend once more.

8. Using a muslin cloth, strain the mixture from the blender to remove any remaining milk.

A muslin cloth, similar to the one used to sieve paprika,

9. Remove the shaft and place the milk in the refrigerator to chill.

10. Enjoy the refreshing beverage and become a champion.

Content created and supplied by: YoungSA (via Opera News )


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