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Must we blame alcohol for this or is example of true love?. Look what this man was spotted doing

Sometimes we end up blaming alcohol for doing wrong things, we take the blame and put it to alcohol while we are the ones responsible for our actions.


What this old man did is out of line, more especially in public where there are a lot of people. It is not alcohol then we can say is an example of true love, he was showing how deeply he loves the lady. Simply when someone doing that means he can kiss you everywhere without complaining of anything.

However, some things deserve to be done in a private place, not in public, a worse part is he takes a picture and uploads it to social media while doing that so that the whole world could witness what he is doing to his girlfriend.

We all want to love because it's a good thing, we all wish to find someone who can proudly brag about us without any doubt of fear. Someone who can love you unconditionally and do everything for you without complaining. But this one seems to be too much to some of us.

A person should respect himself so that other people can respect him as well, a real man must have dignity and a real man must act matured.

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