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When Do You Know You’ve ‘Outgrown’ Someone? - Thapelo

When do you know you’ve ‘outgrown’ someone?

There are so many things that can lead you into out growing someone, a person can irritate you or become toxic to a point that you can't tolerate their behaviour anymore.

I tried to date someone who thought texting was a serious mode of communication,let’s just say it never took off because I just kept imagining explaining my excitement,sadness and insecurity via text. Like what am I,12?

I struggle so much with this. I am very cold via text, because I depend on my facial expressions to humanize what I'm saying. Hayi no! I rely on tone,you hear my emotions in my voice,I also am very attentive to the next person’s emotions on calls,so I just knew he would miss me ,oh and he was a Pisces. So trust me Nwabi your not alone.

So if you suck at texting, what do you substitute it with? Do you prefer everyday phone calls?, video calls?

I prefer video calls. My boyfriend lives next door to me so we see each other almost daily. My friends and I rarely talk in between our meet ups, but when we do it's mostly video calls.

But some people hate calls, they won't answer your call at all even if the person is not busy. My uncle's wife is exactly the same, she will literally be on her phone playing a game or watching Netflix, when you call her, she just stares at it till it stops ringing.

If you wanna pass a quick message or to alert a person about something it's fine. But for serious talks and conversations or to maintain that bond call or pay a visit in person.

Depends what is is that needs to be communicated! It will crush you if a break up is being communicated chief otherwise anything else please text me.

Myself i prefer in person conversations because i dont have to keep i tabs that i need to reply when I get time i reply right there meaning no pending responses excepted from me.

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Hayi Thapelo


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