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Man hires a TLB post finding out his girlfriend was cheating on him

The majority of people would not argue that the start of all things is so lovely, It's that way with relationships, love is so Dazzling when it's at its beginning, seeing two people who love each other promising each other life long love is so amazing, but somehow something else happens that brings people into asking one question: "what happened to them? The two used to be in love so much..." when one of them start cheating and lying and countless other things in relationships that lovers goes through.

But one thing is sure, when love is going deliciously good, there is no telling what things the two are willing to for each other. This is what happened in this couple who were so in love with each other, the man was a businessman and even decided to build his girlfriend a beautiful double story house, but he later discovered that she was cheating on him with his friend, the business in fury not only dumped her, he further demolished the huge house that he had built for her.




The incident happened in mpumalanga.

This is just another circumstance here, shows the detriment that live can result

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