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Reasons why age matters in a Reasons why age matters in a Relationship

Older partners might enjoy the vitality and physical attractiveness of a younger pattern ,but can we say the same about the younger partner getting the same perks ?

These are some of the reasons why relationships with a huge age gap never work .

1.The issues of children .

Your partner might already have children and may not want to have more children ,this can be a deal breaker to the partner who is younger .

2. Friends

It's important to be friends with your partner's friends ,this is to stop you from being alienated from your partners,if they are too young or too old you will struggling finding a common ground.

3.Emotional awareness .

Some people in relationships never act their age ,you find the older on acting like a kid or the younger one acting old just so their partner can relate to them .

4.Activities .

It is a challenge to suggest an extreme sport to your old partner especially if they have health problems or they are just getting too old or they will simply tell you that they already did that the time they were your age so they do it again.

5. Marriage

Most old partners have already had weddings or long term relationships that never worked out ,To them the wedding boat has long sailed and they are not interested anymore . You are left to suffer and bare the brunt .

6. Habits /life choices.

Malleability decreases as our ages increase so if your older partner has bad habits you disagree with and chances are they will not kick these habits .This is a recipe to an unsuccessful relationship.

7.Death .

When your partner is older than you ,you somehow prepare yourself mentally that you will lose them sooner .Then again ,life is crazy and age is not necessarily indicative of health /death so don't get too hung up on this one.

8.Sex life .

An older partner may not be able to level up to your stamina ,yes there are other ways of intimacy but if your partner is getting too old for physical satisfaction you will definitely go out and get it somewhere and this is when you cheat .

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