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Ancestors are always in control

Ancestors are ALWAYS in control!

Respect and trust your ancestors are always in control over your life. I remember him calling me frustrated about his situation at work and how his boss was never happy with his efforts. So he wanted to find out if he should resign and look for another job somewhere else as the situation was draining to him. 

I checked his situation, his Ancestors still wanted him to work there and there was nothing I had to do on my side. I told him, healer and your Ancestors will fix everything and be patient with them. 

The yesterday he texts me telling me his boss called him and told him how impressive he has been, showing leadership skills and doing so well. When I read his text I remembered my words to him and I was happy how Ancestors keep their promises.

There is nothing they don't see and they always have a plan to solve our problems. We need to trust the process and in due time we shall see results!.

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