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Divorce Affair

Mzansi Calling Suzan To Give Azwindini A Love Portion In #Muvhango Because Of This

Source: Hashtag #Muvhango twitter page

The Azwindini and Suzan plotline on #Muvhango teaches us that you can never do enough to justify cheating in love. You can love correctly, through thick and thin, but you'll never be enough if someone doesn't want to spend the rest of their life with you.

Susan should give Azwindini a love part, then sign the divorce papers and file a protective order against the chief, according to Muvhango supporters and watchers. To be honest, I was planning on taking the money and still causing havoc.

Mara, as much as we'll be called Suzan and Azwi here on Twitter, their storyline is true. A lady who adores a man more than she adores herself and can't imagine life without them as her companion. Suzie would take 100 other spouses over being Azwi's wife since her identity is entrenched in being Azwi's wife. She has exemplified "a good wife" despite all of Azwi's and his family's maltreatment. Azwindini will never love her or respect her, and he will never be devoted to her.

"Suzaa is strong," he added to Gugu, and I felt anguish knowing the pain she has to endure just to keep her position as wifey number one.

Susan and Papa Azwindini had fought for virtually the whole time they were married. She is deserving of some rest and relaxation. Loveve entails a lot of decision-making, and if someone truly wants to be with you, they must make that decision every day, not just once at the altar. They must do it whenever they have the opportunity, but they are not obligated to do so. I just wish Susan could prioritize herself for a change and forget about Azwindini for a while. Azwindini needs to be dealt with by the underground gang once and for all.

Gugu is rude, offering Susan money to get out of her marriage. Susan also works and is not a stay-at-home mom. To be honest, I was planning on taking the money and still causing trouble.

Source: Hashtag #Muvhango twitter page

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