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Valentine’s Day FIGHT: Man was stripped off Naked after he had refused to give his wife a gift

A man who refused to give his wife a gift was filmed getting stripped naked on camera. The police were shocked by what they saw. The man was so embarrassed that he even threatened to call the police. Apparently, the woman was upset that the man was being humiliated. Some people in the community suggested that the man should file an assault case against her and demand that she pay for her embarrassment. However, it appears that these people had no pity for the man's humiliation. Instead, they blamed the cameraman for letting their brother be treated like an animal.

The story originated in Coventry, England, and has been around for centuries. It was recorded in the Flores Historiarum in the thirteenth century and adapted by Roger of Wendover in the fourteenth century. It is not considered a credible legend, as it is based on a real event. It is also noteworthy that in the two centuries between the first appearance of the man and his wife, no other story mentions the man being stripped naked.

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