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Mother caught her daughter in act at the hotel, but what was the mother doing there?

It has been stated that a drama occurred in Nairobi, Kenya at an unidentified hotel. Many individuals prefer to stay in a lodge or a hotel for relaxation and pleasure, as well as for some privacy. 

The majority of couples or individuals that choose lodges and hotels are the side chicks and side guys in order to avoid detection. 

Nairobi's drama began when a mother caught her daughter in the act with an elderly man. Unfortunately, their timing was terrible because they arrived at the same hotel at the same time but wanted to avoid each other. 

Many people are wondering what the mother was doing there, but it is an apparent case3 because she does not work there and she was not following her daughter but suddenly caught her when she was on her side mission as well. 

But it appears that what enrages the mother the most is that her daughter is having an affair with an elderly guy who is fit enough to be her father. Almost certainly, the man is married and has children her age or older.


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