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(Opinion) Do you trust your neighbours

These nowadays our neighbours are the ones who destroys our families. When you confide in them, they air your private news every time they get a chance. You could find that the reason they do that is because you don't ask them anything even though they know that you have nothing. What I can tell you is that they want you to always ask them anything and the time when you start to fight with them, they would tell you how poor you are. They would tell you that they helped you when you were poor.They would tell you that they made you who you are. But one thing I can tell you about these people is that they don't want to see you happy, they don't want to see you succeed and they only want what's best for them.Learn to stand on your one. Learn to appreciate what you have because these nowadays when you ask something from someone you know, they need something in return. Nothing is mahala these days.

These people are supposed to watch our homes when we are not around, come at any time when they suspects that something is wrong without wanting anything in return. They are supposed to be our family.Gone are those days when our families and their neighbours were enjoying to be together without shaming each other.Gone are those days when our families and their neighbours were treating each other like blood families.These days when you do thing you must do them in secrets because there is a plenty of discouraging people out there.

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