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Old Man dresses himself Skirt to avoid being caught cheating by the wife

Todays marriage is hard since people are always glued on their cellphone. No time to communicate at all until one is suspected of cheating. Some partners end up making mistakes that could cost them their marriages or even their lives.

Cheating has now been trending factor for divorce in most marriages. Spouses have side lovers which they want to keep a secret and they could go to any lengths to keep it that way.

However, this man was dedicated to keep his affair a secret from his wife Until the day he got caught. His wife caught him on the streets as if he does not know her. He was wearing a black dress, jacket, high heels and a handbag. She proceed to ask him who these clothes belonged to and he quickly said they were his clothes as she did not expect this answer. Husband could not answer due to being shamed.


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Old Man


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