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"Is she trying to bewitch me?" Boyfriend finds muthi in girlfriend's purse and fears for his life

"Is she trying to bewitch me?" Boyfriend finds muthi in girlfriend's purse and fears for his life

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A guy's friend took to Twitter to share pictures of what his friend found in his girlfriend's purse. The end of his caption, together with his responses to people who interacted with the post, confirmed that both he and his friend saw the muthi and immediately assumed that the lady uses it for the detriment of the guy. Muthi is just herbs, how it is used establishes whether or not it's used for healing or witchcraft. For the two to immediately assume that the lady is using it for malice is questionable because I don't think she would have had it out in the open if she was using it specifically for him.

On Twitter, commenters were flabbergasted that the tweep and his friend are so whitewashed that the only conclusion they could draw was witchcraft. Not even one of them thought of supposing that she uses it for her own affairs since people do consult at traditional healers and get given muthi to wash with and rid curses that are in their lives. Even when comments did try to offer an alternate explanation as to why the lady in question had muthi in her purse, the poster was insistent that she was using it for detrimental purposes on his friend and that nothing could be said to change his mind. Even when he was interrogated on whether they'd have posted or became fearful if it were western medicine, he still insisted that the lady was using the muthi with malicious intent.

We believe differently. This could be for her own personal reasons, for her protection. Nothing to do with the boyfriend. But still, most people associate every muthi with evil and witchcraft! @KgodishoMoloto 

If it was panado would it have mattered? Do you guys not know that people use traditional medicine for healing as well not just witchcraft? @Gifgit

There's nothing wrong with this depending on how you look at it. But a mind of a typical black person will think of witchcraft. But the truth is we fighting demons we don't know on a daily, and we don't go the same route to fight them @BabalwaMashaba

What do you think? Are we so brainwashed that we associated traditional medicine with evilness? Please do leave your comments in the comments section below!

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