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He only asked for Airtime and 9 months later he proposed.

Love truly is beautiful, but today social media is portraying love and relationships to be a back thing that everyone should stay away from. Well, love still lives and we see this from the older generation, our grandparents and our parents have proven that love is still out there and alive.

These days dating is as easy as downloading an app and then you get a date. There isn't the hustle of having to meet people outside anymore. Yes it is convenient but is it really necessary to meet people online rather than meeting them face to face, where you really know what they are like.

Well, a young couple actually created a relationship that seems to be perfect. A young posted a story on Facebook asking for Airtime and a young lady responded by sending him airtime through his inbox and from that simple gesture a relationship sparked between the two.

Well, nine months later the man has proposed to the girl and it seems their well on their way to getting married. This is a sign for those of us who don't like showing sympathy for others, maybe if you showed a little sympathy you would get yourself the man of your dreams who knows.

Most women deprive themselves the opportunity of meeting the man they have always dreamnt of having because they never respond to messages that they get from guys. It is healthy to respond to a couple of people's DM's and have a little conversation with them, maybe you'd be interested in persuing something more than a conversation with that particular person.

It's hard finding a person who will like you for the person you really are, but it's always better to try and get to know a few people before you can commit to them.

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