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Husband and wife relationship

"My husband made me quit my job because he thought I was cheating at work "

A young woman shared her story on Facebook and wanted some advice on how she can deal with her situation. Read the confession below :

Her problem is that her husband is insecure, he even made her quit at work because he thought that she was cheating. She does not go anywhere, cameras are installed in the house and she must greet her female females neighboors only.

It is a very weird and a disturbing behavior. This is no longer a marriage but a prison. From the comment section people were concerned about this and advised her to leave the marriage as soon as possible because it is evident that her husband is obsessive and possessive and he might hurt her. Others said that he is behaving like that because he is cheating on her with a married woman so he is afraid that she might do the same thing.

What drives men to behave like this?

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