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Mangwabe Looks Like She Had Enough Of Musa and this Polgamous Marriage and Wants Out /Opinion


Being in a Polgamous marriage is not easy at all .Its hard when a man has just two wives imagine when they have four wives .Many women agree to be in Polgamous marriages usually because the man is rich .Although Polygamy is a cultural belief and tradition especially among the Zulu many modern couples have decided to abondon the culture because of the struggles it brings .

The show Uthando Nesthembu has been showing viewers what its like to be in marriage set up like that where a man is married to four wives .Yesterday episode proved to Mzansi the last wife MaNgwabe has had enough of this marriage .From the way she is now so disrespectful and the way she talks with Musa .

We are convinced she wants out of this marriage .I believe she has achieved everything she wanted to get out of the marriage with Musa and she cant keep pretending .She is now independent and can stand on her own without Musa .She has also opened her business so she believes there is no reason for her to keep being in this marriage. But the question is why doesnt she leaves if that's her wish instead of being so disrespectful towards Musa Mseleku .

When women become independent they dont see the need to tolerate situations that dont serve them like this Polgamous marriage .Mangwabe looks like she is fed up and her foot is already out the door .Mzansi says she must go so thay wife number 5 can finally have a chance also .

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