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Divorce Affair

3 ways to avoid divorce/breakups

I'm an advocate of marriage. My heart melts with joy when I see marriages and relationships prosper.


Anger is the bodyguard of emotions. Most hurt people often use anger to hide their vulnerability. Pain and hurt makes one weak, therefore in an attempt to appear strong we employ Anger as the bodyguard to our emotions. We are afraid to be broken even further. We therefore, attack our partners.


Pride doesn't allow us to say, "I am saddened or disappointed by your action". Rather it chooses to Blame in order to make the other feel bad. Pride will utter words such as "I don't need you. You can go. In fact, I am better off without you, while your heart is bleeding".

Note that in the centre of the words prIde. Is the letter "I". You display an act that says life revolves around you, yet you are broken on the inside.


Instead of anger, pride and the blame game, why don't you seek help together? Instead of attacking and criticising your partner why don't you rather choose to be solution oriented than fault finding?

We spend a lot of energy finding fault in the other so that we can feel better about ourselves. However, this method only leads to distraction.

- Try to say things like "I am sorry you are sad because of me. How can I fix my mess"?

- Stop comparing your current partner with your past one.

- Remember, it takes two to tango. Accept your wrong and help your partner to see theirs too and then look for ways to resolve your issues.

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