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Divorce Affair

A Young Man Broke Down After Seeing His Girlfriend Who Suprised Him In #YouPromisedToMarryMe

A Young Man Broke Down After Seeing His Girlfriend Who Suprised Him In #YouPromisedToMarryMe 

Woman are not afraid to embarrassed them. This proves that woman think that getting married is he only thing that proves that Herman loves her. So she knows that he's a serial cheater but she still wants to marry him? He'll cheat IN the marriage. She’s on #YouPromisedToMarryMe to beg marriage from a man who cheated on her several times. 

Woman need to lean to be patient with their partners. When a man said that he will pay lobola, and marry them, they need to understand. It's sad that Woman want things to be done in their own way without considering the finances. Karabo said he will lobola her but the lady is having doubt because he has been saying every year December while there is no action. 

Karabi did not tell his mother because she's sick but she does not seem to understand what is going on. We are happy that the mother was very understanding and that he has made a promise that there will be a wedding in December. His mother have given them their blessing following that she has accepted her as her daughter in law and she has no problem with her and that she also know it too.

After what happened today, Karabo's mother feel like it's an embarrassment but she cannot stand in the middle of their love. The couple need to know that in relationships there's upside and down that every couple encounter but they need to know how to deal with it as a couple.

Ladies putting a ring on your finger does not mean that he will marry you and again marrying you does not mean that he will not cheat again. They say once a cheater always a cheater. You cannot change Leppard spots over night.

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