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3 Exercises Married Couples Should Try When Making Love

Many of us are still mistaken in the assumption that it takes no effort to build true love in serious relationships. We think it just naturally develops.

Don't always think like that so he doesn't find himself being blamed later.

Even after winning someone's heart, it takes a serious effort to maintain true love after taking the vows.

Learning how to maintain your relationship is quite different from trying to win someone's heart.

Romantic love in a relationship consists of mental, spiritual and physical connections. You set it up with your partner while living together.

To strengthen the intimacy between you and your partner, you should do some exercises that will keep you attractive to each other.

This can be used as intimate therapy exercise to increase your desire for physical intimacy.

1. The first exercise is done using your breath to connect. You will both sit facing each other and gently press your eyebrows together as you close your eyes.

Start taking a deep, conscious breath at the same time. Breathe in and out together at least seven times.

There is a mutual energy that you will communicate through your foreheads. Contact and emotions will be in sync with your breath.

2. This will create a sense of mutual intimacy, both emotionally and spiritually.

Hug each other for a long time. Pick a day when you're both free and spend at least half an hour cuddling. It is very effective in connecting you and your partner physically and emotionally.Hugging creates some chemistry, pheromones, and energy in your body that helps you and your partner create feelings of togetherness.

3. The next exercise will also increase your desire for intimacy. You should both sit down, look at each other, and look into your eyes.

We think our eyes are like a mirror to our soul.

This type of workout has a way of relaxing both of you after a busy day. Do it several times a week for best results.

When you do it for about 5 minutes, you will both begin to feel a sense of peace and a desire for intimacy.

It's okay if you blink during training, but don't talk to each other. Play a love song to create the mood and timing.

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